Saturday, August 30, 2008


High school is the funnest thing ever!!! haha I don't have a camera right now so I could not show and tell you how its been! So I will just attemp to telll. Well I am known as "little holmstead" by some of the Jr.s and Sr.s because EVERYONE knows brennan somehow! But I have friends in those grades now because of him so it's cool. Its odd because my friend Swayze is friends with brennans friends too. (she being my same age) and she is like lets hang out with "so and so" and i am like Brennan is like best friends with them!! it's a bit weird. haha classes are not to hard and homework is not to much of a hassel. I am dancing more now than ever and I was asked to cheer at one of the varsity football games. ha it was pretty fun! One by one my friends can drive us places legally! haha and there is a chace they all could be going to the dace comming up!! I, will be staying at home that night..:) ill keep you updated.

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Mikayla said...

Sounds like Highschool is SOOO much fun, and I am so jealous of you! haha well now Britnee can drive you everywhere...wait cant she?!? Keep me updated about the upcoming dance! :D hehe alright!! WE NEED TO PLAY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!